Adrian McMaster Gaming


Below are two videos from my channel in the early days I only did two streams before moving over to Youtube.  The videos are from when I first started streaming back in 2017. I used to use another service three years before that before it closed down and ceased to exist. I cannot not remember the name so cannot list it was a well known server but 89% of the users moved over to and then made the move to Youtube leaving only 11% of users so they finally announced they would closed down the service in 2016.  I then started to use Twitch.Tv for a short while then moved started to use Youtube once they started there streaming service games was not properly allowed at the time and only a few users was on a beta service and I was one off those people.  My Youtube Channel was called McGistics and did really well until  just after March 2017 it was deleted by Youtube for what they called a breach of terms and conditions. I have never breached there Terms and conditions and stuck to the rules as you can see back in 2017.  I had just crept up to 5000 subscribers within one and a half years and was getting between 70 to 200 views per day it all depended on the day and time. My channel had a URL known as  Because the system was different at the time and you could create a URL. Within a week of my account being deleted they change the rules and informed me it was a server glitch but could not restore my account as it was deleted and all the files and information was removed.  I appealed but they would not give in after I did a lot of hard work. They have also changed the Algorithm system making viewing figures harder to reach so now you will notice I only get 30 if I am lucky or even 2 views. I have a few subscribers but its hard work now trying to reach the viewers and getting people interested so the subscribe because there are so many channels to choose from. A few people have mentioned to me that there account was deleted for no reason what so ever and suspect there was a glitch at the time in the server software but they denied it. We know they had problems with Google Plus and Hacking so closed Google Plus service down but denied it was due to a hacking problem and a lot of accounts was compromised.  But they say it was all to do with low usage and more people using Facebook.   What do you think happened.  A lot of people say I do not talk very much when streaming. I do talk but if I am concentrating on what I am doing I will not always talk.  You might see the fury pest I mean the cat causing mayhem when he want’s his own way by annoying me. Is new tack tick is to climb on my monitor bracket and  on the top monitor looking down at me but in one of my streams he slipped knocked the top monitor sideways and became a flying cat and blamed me for it.  You will also hear meowing, warewowing and werrping at times so please bare with me if it become to much because if your a cat owner you know what they are like with Cats have staff and dogs have masters and look at you with I am your master so jump when I say jump.