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TruckersMP and Promods

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TruckersMP have finally announced a partnership with the ProMods team.  You will not be able to use ProMods 2.41 on multiplayer.  Multiplayer will be supported as of version 2.42.  So if you plan to download ProMods already and you don’t plan on playing it in single player you will need version 2.42.  Owning all map DLCs is a requirement in order to play ProMods and as such this will also be the case on the ProMods server. External contracts won’t be possible as World of Trucks doesn’t support the added and (heavily) modified areas. NCZ zones will work in the same way as on any other server so that means that companies, repair stations, ferries and garages will be covered to ensure safe passage. Other TruckersMP features such as the car and caravan will also work on the ProMods server. However, you won’t be able to select jobs with the caravan outside the base map & SCS DLCs.  I decided to give the Promods and TruckersMP a try so after I download Promods v242 I activated it including company mods and when I went into the mods screen and noticed it was empty and the mods on the right appeared red as if they was missing so I tried again and still the same.  So I ran Euro Truck Simulator 2 as normal and the Multiplayer screen appeared and I signed in and selected Promods Server 1 and notice the use limit is 6000 and there was 1124 users online. There is a Promods Server 2 and a [US] Promods.   I waited for the game to load and it started in Birmingham before Teleported to Iceland and it worked perfectly with and no problems or errors.  It was enjoyable to use as you will see in my stream called Euro Truck Simulator 2 with TruckersMP and Promods v242 / Part 1 that I streamed on Tuesday October 22nd 2019. I then did another stream on Wednesday October 23rd 2019 called  Euro Truck Simulator 2 with TruckersMP and Promods v242 / Part 2 and it went smoothly but was a little chaotic at the beginning due to my fury pest the cat wanting his own way as you will see on the via the cameras on the bottom left of the screen in part two when he goes around the back of the monitors and walks across the shelf above on on the top monitor knocking my  TrackIR 5 head track eye causing me to crash. He then proceeds towards the notice board on my right try to pull the pins out and ripping the paper as always.  Its called have a cat and they train you not you train them you soon learn the hard way as I found out.  You can see a few screen shots below taken in 5760 x 1080 triple monitor mode or click on the videos to watch part 1 and part two.  

Euro Truck Simulator 2 with TruckersMP and Promods v242 / Part 2