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TruckersMP with Promods v242

Over the past two days and have tried out the new Promods v242 on single player mod before streaming. I then became aware that TruckersMP and partnered with Promods and I thought wow that seem good. The server were running so I thought I would give it a try. I started up TruckersMP making sure all Promods was activated including company mods and when I went into the mods screen it was empty and the mods on the right appeared red as if they was missing so I tried again and still the same. So a ran Euro Truck Simulator 2 as normal as normal and the Multiplayer screen appeared and I signed in and selected Promods Server 1 and notice the use limit is 6000 and there was 1124 users online.  I proceeded ahead and the started in Birmingham before teleporting to Iceland and it work perfectly with and problems or error.  It was enjoyable to use. I did a Euro Truck Simulator 2 with TruckersMP and Promods v242 / Part 1 and Euro Truck Simulator 2 with TruckersMP and Promods v242 / Part 2 and went smoothly part two was a little chaotic at the beginning due to my fury pest the cat wanting his own way as you will see on the cameras on the bottom left of the screen if you view part two.

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