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TruckersMP with Promods v242


Over the past two days and have tried out the new Promods v242 on single player mod before streaming. I then became aware that TruckersMP and partnered with Promods and I thought wow that seem… Read more

What I see during my stream


The image below shows what I see during my stream on all the monitors.  screenshot was taken during Me at my desk updating my wordpress website  live stream on the Monday 20th May 2019. <img width=”1024″… Read more

Farming Simulator 19 and Oakfield Farm


A few days ago when doing a live stream on Youtube and using Farming Simulator 19 I decided to try out a new map but was unsure what to use and during  my stream a… Read more

Farming Simulator Mods


If you would like to join me on my farming simulator 19 server you will need to download all the mods I use including maps and you can now download them directly from my server… Read more

Farming Simulator 19


I have been creating my own personal farm and it a huge farm but I have not created it use Giants editing software. Its created from an empty or blank map mod that I downloaded… Read more

New Facebook Group


We have launched a new Facebook Group and waiting for you and your friends to join in the fun and you can check it out with the link provided:

New Youtube Channel


I have a new Youtube Channel up and running and will be do my first live stream tonight from 20:00 to 23:00 GMT UK using Euro Truck Simulator 2 and you can see it here… Read more

New FaceBook Page


I have a new Facebook Page up and running and you can check it out with the link provided: FaceBook

New Twitter Profile


New Twitter Profile is launched and you can check it out here with the link provided: and I used the URL Adrianmcmgaming because Twitter do not yet allow longer urls names. The User Name is… Read more

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