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Farming Simulator 19 Mods

From this page you can download mods directly from my Server or goto the website.  You can also download and install them via the game from the menus. Some of the mods I use will not be available on the Farming-Simulator website or game because they are download from other website like  Each time I download mods from other website I will update my server.  This page will be updated every day or few days with new features to enable better and bulk downloading.  you can view a sample of the Downloads page and how the might look once finished  I will provide a list of links to any new website I download mods from. 


If you want to join my Farming Simulator 19 ingame Multiplayer then you will need to download all the mods I have download and currently using there are few mods currently in use.  If you want to join the farm on my self hosted dedicated server then you will need the mods from the Administrator website:

You can read more about my Self hosted self hosted dedicated server and how I set it up on windows server 2016 on the Farming Simulator 19 Self Hosted Dedicated Server page or using the navigation bar and click on FS19 Dedicated Server.

I am also in the process of creating a map for Farming Simulator 19 and there is a lot to do. Fields, roads, fences and hedges have been created. There is still a lot to do. There is a new housing estate created on the north east of the map. If you would like to try the map out at any time then use the  AMG-FARM Public map mod test below to download it. It is completely free.   If you are a mod maker for FS19 and can help me with my map then please feel free to send me a message via the contact form.  The reason I ask for help is I am having difficulty linking the XML files and ModDesc files so Doors and gate open along with trigger points working for when you unload grain or sell bale and buy animales.   I know how to create the user attributes like onCreate, xmlFilename, indexname, string, stringCallback, but cannot get them to work. So would appreciate any help. 

AMG-FARM Public map mod test

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