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London United RP

London United RP is an exciting new FiveM Server still under development. I am one of the owners and we have a team of developers working on it. The Server will be called London Nation RP and will be british themed with British Police, Ambulance, Mechanics and many more jobs. Applications are still open for the top rolls and many more. We have a Discord and TeamSpeak ready to use but.  You can apply for different jobs via our Discord Application Forms Page and we will get back to you and let you know if you were successful or not via discord. We do not have a Launch Date as yet but will keep you informed via the  Facebook Group and Facebook PageThe server when launched will be running as a test server at first to make sure it is stable and one complete there will be two servers to allow 64 users to connect.  We already have people signed up and ready to help and do their role play on our server. We currently have Two developers, One website developer, Four Admins, Three paramedics, Two mechanics and Eight Civilians, One Co. Owner, and Two Owners.



Click on the button below to join our team on London United RP on Discord. 
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