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Here You can see photographs of my very first laptop that ran Windows XP to my present setup that runs windows 10 Pro and my HP Proliant Gen8 Server that runs Windows Server 2016 and hosts this WordPress website.  I liked Windows XP a lot as did many other users because it was stable and ran smooth but then came the dreaded Windows Vista that was a disaster a pain to use because it had many bugs and problems and a lot of third party software would not run or crash.  Next came Windows 7.  I had the Ultimate version after upgrading from the home addition that was superb and ran just like windows XP but I was not into gaming back then.  Next came windows 8 and well I can say it was alright in some ways but was missing that all important start menu so microsoft listened to us and they released windows 8.1 and they bought back the start menu with those apps.  Then in July 2015 they released Windows 10 for free for windows 8 and 8.1 users so I downloaded and installed the free Windows 10 Pro version when it was first released and what a difference it made it was a bit buggy at first then as they released updates to iron out the creases it started working smooth and still does to this day.  My first server was a Fujitsu Primergy MX130 S1 and I ran Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard and had  Exchange 2010 for  Emails but running all that on one server took a lot and required 16 GB of ram with a fast processor but after a 6 years of use it started to fail as well as the constant bugs with all the updates and having to spend hours putting it right I decided to ditch sbs 2011 standard and bought a new HP Proliant Gen8 Server and change the operating system to something more stable and as I did not require an exchange for emails anymore I went for Windows Server 2016 Standard and at first it was a little buggy but as the creases got ironed out it now runs smooth and fast and I have never had a problem with it to this day unlike SBS 2011 Standard and the backup failing every time there was a exchange update or some other update and having to run command prompt or powershell every other week to correct the errors.  Since having server 2016 Standard it never crashed or failed once.  I also run Windows 10 on my laptop and has also been kind to me and runs without any problems.  You might ask how I learned to use a server and run WordPress?  Well that took a little bit of learning but soon got the hang of it after a while and with the built in admin panel and all those plugins it runs well but you have to know how to set it up and how to use PHP and MySQL with PHPMyAdmin because windows server will not run WordPress without it on the Internet Information Services 10. PHP Websites are also very secure and harder to copy.   So there you have it a little bit of history of my computers and servers. The Photographs have been taken over the years so you can view them on this website and enjoy them. There are photographs uploaded on my  Facebook Page or Facebook Group when available. If you want to see a video or videos from the Youtube Channel then go to the Youtube Page.  There is a easier to read video description on the Youtube Video Description Page. 

Computer setup 2019 with windows 10 Pro.

Computer setup 2018 with windows 10 Pro.

Computer Setup 2017 with windows 10 Pro.

Computer Setup 2016 with windows 10 Pro. 

Computer Setup 2015 with windows 8.1.

Computer Setup 2014 with windows 8.

Computer Setup 2012 with windows 7 Ultimate.

Computer Setup 2011 with windows 7 Ultimate and my very first server with Windows SBS 2011 Standard

My laptop from 2007 to 2010 with Windows Vista Home Premium

My Very First Computer in 2005 to 2007 with Windows XP

The Servers I used from 2011 to the Present day

Server Setup 2011 to 2016 with Windows Small Business Server 2011

Server Setup 2017 and 2019 with Windows Server 2016 that I host this WordPress Website.

Dell EMC PowerEdge T140 MT – Xeon E-2124 3.3 GHz – 8 GB – 1 TB 8T0R6 Running Windows Server 2019 and This WordPress Website and Dedicated Servers.