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I am now working on a FiveM Server as a hobbie. The Server is British Themed and called North Staffordshire AMG RP and can be found on FiveM by going to Direct Connection and typing in  The domain name does work because it proved by Godaddy and points to my public IP Address and will not block  this website because the website uses port 80 and the FiveM server uses port 30120.  The server is self hosted on my own server so it is not visible via the main server list for the moment but will be once finished.  When not being test or I am not adding things to it the server will run with interruption for three to six hours with auto restarts.  I will be adding more mods to it. I would like a developer to help me because so of the error code can be confusing but I have fixed a lot myself. I am 47 and it all new to me.  We never had this sort of thing when I was a young lad because the internet was not available until 1994 and I did not have a computer until 2005 and start getting into gaming until late 2016 so you can see how it is for me. I will update on my Facebook Page and you can see me working on my server on my Youtube ChannelThe stream are long and one was twelve hours on and off. The stream went well with my internet connection dropping once. I have been asked to do a few more twelve hour streams and will schedule one soon.   You will be notified on my Facebook Page in advance.  The are British Police cars, Ambulance and Fire Engine.  I do not have a final release date or publication date but you can still join the server via direct connection and typing and it will show up as North Staffordshire AMG RP.  You will probably ask why Iv’e called it North Staffordshire.  I live in Newcastle Under Lyme in Staffordshire but it the North part of Staffordshire in the United Kingdom.  Newcastle Under Lyme is not one of the six town of Stoke on Trent and is a Borough so we are not part of Stoke on Trent but do speak with the dialect called Potteries Dialect like Ay up Duck ow at that means hello my friend how are you.  A lot say a talk funny on my Youtube channel and sometime people cannot tell what I am saying. You can watch to May un Mar Lady on DaveCartoons Channel to hear more of it.  If you spare any time helping me with my server I would most appreciate it and would make you a senior developer of my server. I have had a little help from a person in American and he was excellent and very polite.  All the main job rolls will be white listed and application forms will be created so you can apply for each jobs. There will be a total of six charioteers that you can create.  The Server will also be white listed once up and full running.  I do have a Discord Server  that you can join and must apply to have access of other channels. I had to take the precautions  because I had trolls on my Discord Servers in the past who were very abusive to others but have all been banned. You will have a role of Member once excepted on the the Discord Server and will only see certain channels.  When you apply to join my FiveM Server you will cross checked for any past bans on any other servers. I would like people top join and be as friendly and sociable as possible.  You can see the images below of the progress of the server.

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