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Farming Simulator 19 Self Hosted Dedicated Server

I am now running a self hosted dedicated server for for farming Simulator 19 multiplayer on my own home server and is running very well. If you would like to join my farm then look for AMG-FARMS on the Continental Europe server list.  There is no password to join so you can join anytime you wish. The server is running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. The server is set to automatically restart at 02:00 and 05:00 for a refresh.  I am currently using a new release of Greenwich Valley  mod map and it runs smooth and there is plenty to do with over 100 fields to harvest and animals to feed.  If you join you will be paid for any work you do in return. There is machinery for you to use when required. If any other machinery is needed then use the contact page and I will respond as soon as I can.  You will only be using the farm as a standard user. I am the administrator and farm manager and will make you a manager once you are trusted as I have had trolls in the past who messed my farm up so I will not be letting that happen again.  If I am working on the farm you will see my character and AMG and can use the chat panel to say hello or if you need anything. Please Use English only when using the chat panel.

You can download the mods from the admin interface page with the link provided:

You might ask why it is running under the domain  and not my Public Ip Address. It is because my domain provider points the domain name to my public IP address but you will notice it uses port 8080 and not port 80 so will not interfere with this website.

I have created a video on How to Install, Configure and Manage a Private Dedicated Server for Farming Simulator 19. 

Please note to run a second copy on a self hosted server you will need a second Activation Key. You will also need a Activation key for every copy you want to run on another server and can only use the digital download version from the Giants website as the steam version will not work on a server. You will also need a second activation key for any DLC you wish to use on your server.


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