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Farming Simulator 19 and Oakfield Farm

A few days ago when doing a live stream on Youtube and using Farming Simulator 19 I decided to try out a new map but was unsure what to use and during  my stream a feller with username UK GAMER BLP mentioned Oakfield Farm so I stopped my game and downloaded the Map but continued the stream. I started up the game with all mods running and started as a New Farmer and Oakfield Farm. Well what a surprise it was. Big fields and I mean some are twice the size or those in Marwell Manor Farm Map.  Oakfield Farm is base in the United kingdom and  is in the county of Gloucestershire in south west of England.  The attention to detail is excellent and the road layout is very good with all them steep banks. Its very challenging and each field will take 2 to 4 hours to complete on your own.  Driving from the shop or selling  take a while to get to the farm or field. I started on field number 2 and is harvested and almost ready for sowing again but will have to wait until some more of the fields are complete.  You have a few selling on your farm so you can sell you straw and hay bales to save a little time.  Hopefully the map will be expanded with more roads as it is updated by the developer. I give out 10 out of 10 stars because it is that good.  You can see me in one of my videos using Oakfield Farm in the video below. There are also screenshots for you to view below well.


Farming Simulator 19 Episode 7 and Oakfield Farm with Multiplayer

Screenshots below taken on the day from Farming Simulator 19 Episode 7 and Oakfield Farm with Multiplayer