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British Life RP on FiveM

Grand Theft Auto as been a lot of fun with a new server up and running called British Life RP and run on 5M.   They have Discord Channel so you can talk to someone when you need help.  You will need to download 5M client to connect to the server. I had plenty of help from a Admin person who is also a Police officer if the RP world.   I can assure you that if you break the law in that world you will be arrested and put in a jail cell and have to pay fine and then placed in prison for 10 minutes. So if you wish to stay out of prison then be a good law abiding civilian like me.  Well almost like me. I got shot and arrested and put in prison for trying to steal a police helicopter when a police officer was in the helicopter. Not a wise choice was it. I paid the price but got reviewed by a medic and server my 10 minutes of time.  There is a maximum 0f 32 player allowed to connect to the server at the moment and there is a big queue after 17:00 or 5pm UK GMT time and you might have to wait 45 minutes or more. They are working on a second server so more can join in the fun. It take a bit of getting used to because you have to eat and drink fluids of to keep a blue and yellow bar up because once it goes empty your health levels will drop then after that your dead for 14 minutes before you come back to life. You can talk to other players but it require a working microphone.  You can see me being arrested the  British Life RP world via the video below. 


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