Adrian McMaster Gaming


Hello and welcome to Adrian McMaster Gaming. This website is a personal blog were I will create posts about my gaming activities and the experience I have with them.  I will posts screenshots as well as a review on what went on in the game.  I will do live streams on Youtube channel every now and again but try to keep to a schedule. The channel is new so there is only a few videos on my channel at the moment and more will appear as I do more live streams  and upload any edited uploads. When I am live things might not run the way they should and my cat might get in my way and cause a few problems like cats do when they want something. The games I currently use are Euro Truck Simulator, American Truck Simulator, Farming simulator 19, Grand Theft Auto 5 and X-Plane 11. You can see a full list and more information about me and my hobbies on the about page. You can contact me via the Contact Page with any questions  and I will answer you as soon as I can. You can view my posts on the Posts Page and I am always adding new post and updating this website. I also use the Multiplayer TruckersMP now and again but use single player mode more with Promods. This website runs on my own personal web server and is created using WordPress and runs on a windows server 2019 operating system using internet information services 10 and require PHP and MySql to run properly. I have a Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Twitter Profile, Youtube Channel and a TwitchTV Channel that you can have a look at anytime and watch me live when available and if you like what you see  please click like and if you would like to see more from me then please click subscribe to see more from me in the future. This site is always being updated so please keep coming back and having a look as you never know what might of changed or new features have been added.